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Thread: How To Write A Poem (Poetry)

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    How To Write A Poem (Poetry)

    I think that writing poetry is something that is good
    Its not like writing plainly and is definitely not a bore,
    It is something that is thought provoking, think worldly you should
    But if you’re having trouble, I’ll kindly take you on a tour.

    Start with an emotion, something deep inside
    Anger, love or fear, something’s you just can’t hide,
    Then pick a word time or place, making sure that it can rhyme
    Make sure all your sentences are neat and flow through in time.

    So now you’ve got your beginning, you need a middle and an end
    Make it fantasy or lifelike, others lives you can lend,
    Make your end a smart one, leave your readers with a bang
    Ask them a good ole’ question, on your words they will hang.

    So is it your life or someone else’s you are speaking bout
    Read back over your words if in trouble or in doubt,
    Make sure it all makes sense, the whole poem and along
    Now turn it into something neat, a sonnet or a song.

    You’ve got your beginning, middle and an end
    Is fame waiting round the corner? Just waiting round the bend?
    As long as you’ve enjoyed yourself, writing a short poem
    But now its off to bed for me, so long I’m going home!

    (sorry if this picture doesn't fit)

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    Re: How To Write A Poem (Poetry)

    you wrote a poem about writing a poem?
    lol cute haha

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    Re: How To Write A Poem (Poetry)

    lol that was really good.
    I like it.
    ohh I have that pic.
    But yeah it dosn't fit with the poem
    but the pic and the poem r good. lol
    Hope to see more.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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