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Thread: The Hunt

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    The Hunt

    This was an assignment for my creative writing class where we had to do some type of rhyming poetry with iambic structure. I chose to do a sonnet with perfect iambic feet... at least I tried to make it perfect, but it was a hard task.

    Covered by a close shrub, gaze on great fiends.
    Gun in glove filled paws, bullets being inserted
    Delicately, trying to heap quiet fields.
    Beasts in calm fields stay unconcerned to invader.

    Beasts sniff, graze, and stand in breeze filled pastures.
    Plugger sits at bay, watching his prey. His
    Chimera clear as day: dead fiends to feed peons.
    Gaze fixed purely to the bounty to hit.

    Gun raised, gaping down the scope, absentminded
    Creature grazing. Gunman takes a deep sigh
    Pointer collides with trigger, arm absorbs
    Backfire. Creature collapses silently.

    Hunter went to kill for dinner
    Returning bounty to dwellers.

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    Re: The Hunt

    I like it! First thing I was thinking about with the "fiends" and "fields" was FFX.

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