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Thread: Hurt.

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    This is a little mixed up since whatever came to my head I wrote down. So-enjoy.

    I'll get so high i'll never have to think
    That I barely get to see you and I know
    You are and always will be my everything
    I have a image of you holding hands
    With a girl in your hallway at school
    When I barely even get the chance
    I can't help thinking and imagining
    Putting a gun to my head one night
    and feeling my heart shattering
    I don't want to feel all the sadness
    that anger and adrenaline in my heart
    That'll lead me directly to madness
    Please don't hurt me, just hang on
    It'll be hard some days and nights
    But I know you can stay strong
    If you really care, you won't give up
    You won't think i'm secretly cheating
    Or think that i'm going to **** it all up
    In my heart I think your going to do it..
    I'll end up getting high and comitting suicide
    Because once again i'll go through it..
    I'm a girl in love for her first time
    You say you feel the exact same way
    Please don't let this be a lie

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    Re: Hurt.

    Hmm. I wouldve enjoyed more stanzas. Rather than just one long one.
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Hurt.

    nice poem i guess. its pretty cool. keep it up with the good work

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