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Thread: I am not your puppet

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    I am not your puppet

    Dear. Mother and Grandma

    Disown me I don’t care
    You yell at me and pull my hair
    Hurt my feelings and say I am nothing
    I can say it too, you aren’t anything
    I blame my self for the shit you say
    And you’re the one that turned this colorful mind grey
    People say I could be anything
    While you say I am nothing
    You wonder why I act different around them
    I don’t act different I act like them
    They don’t act lazy, I don’t either
    And they don’t act like they have a crazy man’s fever
    In case you don’t get it, or process in your head
    I act like you, when push comes to shove its what I dread
    I love you dearly and to death
    Do me a favor and quit being a bitch much less
    That sweet boy right in front of you, you dare call my brother
    Guess what Lady he ani’t like that around every other
    You confuse the hell out of me, you say I can’t, and then I can
    Then this then that, what hell are you sayin
    Just let me know what you are saying
    Before I go down right crazy
    I am a sweet girl and I will listen, I don’t do bad things and so on and so on.
    Now do me a favor and figure out what YOU want so we can all move on.

    ~ Shippy~
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    Re: I am not your puppet

    I feel so sad now that I have read your poem/letter!
    I too have parents that confuse me and tell me that I'm worthless and good for nothing, I feel that they hate me, but they say that they do it out of love. I hope your heart hasn't broken, shipo, I would hate to see you grow unhappier.
    If your happy and you know it make a kitty!!! =^_^= <Meow!

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