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Thread: I am a pilot

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    I am a pilot

    I'm goin back to my roots because I feel no shame
    Theres no one to blame because I felt insane
    Left empty thoughts to fill my brain
    This made me feel like a a nobody lame
    But really I'm not one to tame
    I speak from the heart because I want you to hear me mane
    I take off like a plane
    Sky high and sweet like sugar cane

    I feel like the world has turned sour
    Because everyone is lookin for power
    And they are lost takin a bad map tryin to reach the peak of the tower
    If you want the fast run you'll get eatin like chowder
    Or end up somewhere sniffin up powder
    End up cryin in a shower
    Stuck up in a ball in a fright cower
    Don't you know your end is close just know your final hour
    Take your time and smell a flower

    Everything ends to expire
    Don't try and set up an evil empire
    You'll just end up bein flat like a blown out tire
    Be true and chase after dreams and desires
    Don't burn up like a explosive fire
    People turn out to be liars
    Just a few of them turn to be sapphire
    They try and suck your blood like a fawking vampire
    Have a strong voice be your own umpire
    Or you'll end up just bein another cryer
    Don't you want to be a superhero and be a flyer?
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