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Thread: I am Woman. Proud am I.

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    I am Woman. Proud am I.

    They say I should be a girl.
    I tell them I was born a girl,
    However, I wasn’t born to wear skirts.
    When I came out my mother’s womb
    I didn’t sport Avon.
    But Avon never stayed on
    Long enough to keep the masquerade on
    My sisters face. She wishes she was a
    Boy. Because girls 'they say' are inferior
    That our words are the ants and
    The man's voice echoes just as loud as Gods do.

    I am stronger then any man.
    Hippocrates lift weights,
    But I lift tons.
    Don’t speak down to me.
    But voice is like a gun,
    And my reason is the bullets.
    I’m like the Red Sea.
    You cannot cross me
    Without God’s permission.

    Most men look down on women
    As if our only purpose is
    To birth babies. If that is true.
    Then a man’s duty is to shine
    In his desk lamp glory.

    I am a woman. The reason the men
    In my life didn’t choke on their
    Cartoon network Imagination.
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    Re: I am Woman. Proud am I.

    You go sister!

    Yeah, Avon isn't very good make-up wears off really quickly.

    I like the poem it was so powerful at the beginning, I felt sort of like it died down at the end. Still a very good read, thank you.
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    Re: I am Woman. Proud am I.

    Good job shippo.
    i'd have to agree with Zev, the ending isn't as strong as the beginning,
    but still a great poem none the less.

    I am a woman and i'm proud.

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    Re: I am Woman. Proud am I.

    Well done shippo, hope we get another chance to work together one day.

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