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Thread: I Am Your Soul’s Sheathe

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    I Am Your Soul’s Sheathe

    I Am Your Soul’s Sheathe

    The flower that withers in the cold,
    Iron against Iron,
    Blades that desire blood,
    Slashing at the necks of men,
    I await your return,

    When swords are no longer clashing,
    I am the sheathe to your soul,
    If not I, chaos unleashes,
    For this is my purpose; my duty,
    To attend to those wounds,

    In doing this, I became your weakness,
    Yet, I became your strength,
    My love gave you will,
    But also a burden,
    Just another precious jewel to protect,
    A gift yet a curse,

    For your returned love I pay a small tribute,
    The tears I shed,
    A given place for you to return,
    The harsh winters bore,
    Though they do not compare,
    They are nothing to what I receive,

    So I give myself fully,
    I gave you my life,
    Though in your past the sheathe disobeyed,
    It was destroyed for your protection,
    Shall I give such a commitment?
    Would I give in to such a fate?

    Now I will live,
    Live for you,
    I will be your sheathe and stay at your side,
    All I desire is your love,
    And I forever love you!

    **I used the Rurouni Kenshin theme to perceive my message.
    Thank you Lasura!
    My lover speaks; and he says, 'Arise my beloved my beautiful one and come!' -Song of Songs 2:10

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    Re: I Am Your Soul’s Sheathe

    I couldnt have written it better myself. rk, i gotta say that i love the samurai x series and OVAs and i can see clearly what the meanings are in the poem and what the message is. you're getting better and better. keep it up

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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