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Thread: I bid thee a sweet farewell

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    I bid thee a sweet farewell

    My voice that leaves a hollow mark
    As I stand alone in this dark
    A breath that seems so lost
    As everything comes out from the past

    Those vivid dreams
    Leaves me with fearful screams
    My tears cry for your soul
    Like a hurtful and frightened doll
    My body shaken as I fear my last few steps
    My breath that’s leaving my body
    It aches my soul and I see the end
    I could reach out my hand
    But I know you wouldn’t hold it before I end
    I’ll give you the everlasting cold smile
    Only to see your soft soothing eyes upon mine

    If only you could watch me sleep
    And deep within the abyss
    Follow my tortured heart into the deeps
    This farewell is too hurting
    And it feels like depression is soon to come

    I cannot say
    My mind is too blank
    My body chained down
    And I lay there alone
    I can feel it as those last few tears fall
    I can barely call
    As you become a vivid shadow

    I bid thee a sweet farewell
    And touch your soft lips one last time
    I feel my eyes and my mind fade away
    And leave you with a kiss to lead your way


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