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Thread: I do care, even tho i dont want to

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    I do care, even tho i dont want to

    Hate me if you must
    Go on; Put up a fuss
    Because I don’t care
    If your there or not there
    Go on; Scream at me
    Yell at me
    In my face
    But that'll only further my case
    Your ignorance looks nice on you
    With your meaningless cries "Boo who"
    Because in my mind dear friend
    Our love will never end
    But your small human brain
    Drives you insane
    Thinking that when I stop you
    From acting a fool
    I’m just being a unfair
    Sike I lied, I do care
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    Re: I do care, even tho i dont want to

    lol okay, I loved this poem! Why? Because at the beggining, I felt one emotion, then at the end I laughed because you said "sike I lied, I do care". I loved it! Very good job hope to see more!

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