I don't wish for anything different.
Not my past, nor my name.
I don't ask for any changes,
or to play these little games.

I don't need the constant drama
and the perpetual bickering.
People can think what the want
about me, but hold the snickering.

I don't ask for special attention
or to be treated differently.
I don't make up stories, or start
rumors, that's not in Spriggity.

I don't beg for anything,
and I can surely guarantee
that I don't wish to have
someone steadily talking about me.

I didn't ask for my friends
they happened to be there.
But I know that I am glad
they're here, I'm glad that they care.

I don't ask for pointing fingers,
I hardly point myself.
I don't care about the past,
only the future and my health.

I don't wish for any conflict,
so let's just drop it now.
I don't wish for nervous breakdowns
so please stop having cows.