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Thread: i don't belong

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    Otaku powerxxx may be famous one day powerxxx may be famous one day powerxxx's Avatar
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    i don't belong

    something inside of my is building benieth the surface
    something is confusing me into what is real

    against my own will
    i stand against my own reflection

    these wounds are going to be real
    this fear is tearing my heart apart

    the fear of this never ending
    the pain of this never fading

    fear is how i fall

    i felt this way before
    so insecure

    i ask for what is real

    i can't hear
    i can't see
    i can't feel
    i can't ........

    i don't know why but the curtains are always closing on me

    i'm searching my mind
    trying to start again

    i don't know whats worth fighting for
    i don't want to be the one to be this

    i don't know why i came this far
    knowing i will never be alright

    i'm the who always fall
    why don't i just scream
    why don't i just cry

    i'm lost in my own fictions and dreams of reality

    i know the clock ticks
    and i'm keeping everything locked up inside of me

    i tried so hard but
    it deosn't even matter how much i try

    i pushed as far as i can go
    i tried so hard and got so far

    i had to fall to lose it all

    now i will finally rest from all of this
    death is the only place for me.........
    i have no where i belong to....
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Cool Re: i don't belong

    whoa....lots of metaphors...that sounded so depressing...hopefully this is just a poem and not also how u feel or someone u know feels like...good job

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    Re: i don't belong

    oh this one is sad my friend but it is very good at the same time ^^ u make great poems ^^
    I will fight until i find what i'm looking for...you can not judge me on my apperence I am a Warrior. If you have a problem with me..... then my blades will meet your neck.

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