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Thread: I Had Slain the Innocent of All Celodia

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    I Had Slain the Innocent of All Celodia



    I stand upon the Athsumek
    remembering a time
    when I destroyed Celodia
    and saw the people die.

    This is the last remaining church
    that I had left to stand.
    For by Yahl*rin’s will, it lives,
    embedded in the sand.

    So strong it is and had been then
    against my possessed self,
    withstood the storms of raging earth
    that turned all into malth.


    The land, it was stained red with blood
    as far as eye could see:
    upon the broken rubble vast
    and all throughout the streets.

    I fell upon this very sand;
    my body lay broken.
    I peered about over the wreck,
    amazed by Dèthshaiken.

    There was nothing on which could I hold fast
    and I was much afraid.
    The people scattered all about
    was all too much to take.

    The démon left me all alone,
    it left me there in shock
    to gaze upon the shattered stone,
    the of rock.

    ‘Twas then I saw Dénahi there,
    still as a calm, blue sea.
    Alive, he spoke to ease my pain
    “Yasha, you can be free.”

    “The church on which you fell,” said he,
    “so just happens to be
    Yahl*rin’s house upon the earth.”
    So I glanced up to see.

    Then Kinsei looked and smiled at me,
    he beckoned me to come.
    “Join us,” he said, “as family
    and we will give you love.”

    Alas, I went along with them
    not knowing what came next.
    As long as Dèthshaiken had left,
    could I write my own text.


    So many times have I returned
    to think of what occurred:
    the time when I became possessed
    and everyone slaughtered..

    I rest here be this very church
    to awaken memories.
    To think that it had lasted here,
    sacred and heavenly.

    Yahl*rin saved this thing of old,
    of some forgotten care
    It is a beacon of freedom
    as peaceful as the air.


    I am a breath of candlelight,
    a soul in solitude,
    ever watching desert winds
    graze the sandy dunes.

    So quiet is the fresh, warm breeze,
    so gentle is its song,
    Like a feather I float by
    across the desert long.

    I find myself strengthened by love,
    well-spoken and thought of,
    though I had slain the innocent
    of all Celodia.

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    Re: I Had Slain the Innocent of All Celodia

    I just love this poem alot. The format is classic and the feeling is raw. The imagry is top of the line but use alittle more. But over all Great work! btw I've noticed but your one one of the few writers that even use metphors in thier writing. And like i know that you cant just come up with a good peom out of thin air. It seems that you revise it before posting it. I applaud you. ^^
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
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