You promised,
and then you lied.
you told me to do as you,
before you done otherwise.
You told me you loved me,
only to love another that day.
You didn't stop me physically,
when i had to walk out your door.
you wrote me a note to say you cared,
only that it was too late for me.
i was out of money,
and out of your love.
i'm sorry i wasted your time,
and sorry for what i did with you.
tonight I get to burn this memory,
as it was of fake love.
the love i had,
that you never gave back.
all our passion,
all of our embraces.
all of our moments,
i'm sorry that you felt,
like you did back then.
i tried to help,
but you gave up on me.
i hold nothing against you,
but remember you wounded me.
you'll not let you wound me again,
but i'll be here until the end.

White Rose

"Tonight is a good night... I see "it" in the sky... she is watching me tonight."