I may not be the brightest,
nor the strongest man on Earth.
I may not have lots of cash or
items that have monetary worth.

I may not have the coolest car,
in fact I don't drive at all.
I may not have the coolest or
newest phone, for you to call.

But I DO have an undying love
for you, and that will never cease.
As long as I still roam this planet,
by your side is where I'll be...

I may not be the "boy wonder"
but I know this much is true...
I feel so much more affection
than he'll EVER feel for you.

I may not be perfect, no one is.
But at least when I slip up,
I clean up after the mess I made,
instead of ****ing shit up...

I may not be the most patient man,
but I'll wait for one more thing.
The day he finally ****s up so bad,
you will take my hand and ring.

I may not be the coolest or the
most handsome man on Earth.
But I love you and I can show
you exactly what your heart is worth.