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Thread: i miss you

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    i miss you

    All my friends are droping like flies
    to death and suicide
    there is nothing i can do
    now that you guys are gone
    you will be missed
    by every one

    Tanks zyta

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    Re: i miss you

    O.o god all mighty... that is really so sad.... @.@

    My poem in such ocation (suicide one) would be much different- I would be shouting and yelling and putting such anger out it will be hard for people to read....

    This poem is so short it seems really, really disturbing... because it's like... O.o it's too simple. It just makes me think of how short our lifes are and how suddenly our lifes can be just torn... And how "there is nothing [we] can do"...

    Well I'll be waiting forward for more anyways please next time don't make me panick like this

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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