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Thread: I Play Dead

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    I Play Dead

    I don't belong here
    I never saw the song written in the path I walked in
    I can't remember
    When everything felt so right
    It got so hard
    That I can't stay here
    It just might
    It just might stop before the end
    If I just pretend
    It may stop the train I’m in
    If I just pretend
    It might stop the lies that’s bent in
    I can't bear a thing
    I might see
    The things in my head
    I can't forget
    The words I read
    The fractions sold so I can't understand
    Although The thoughts are right here with me
    I still carry the ways I used to be
    The fading stocks of memories
    I never remembered anything the people said
    But I never forgot what you said that day
    The words you said
    Tried escaping me
    The words kept running outside of me
    The words you told me
    After I said I’m going to leave
    I remember your lips spelling
    My nightmare
    My plague
    And my curse
    The words I pretended I never heard
    Despite of them being real
    I didn't care
    I never did forget the way
    You told me
    “I Hate You”
    I should have known this
    I wished I burned it all away when I had the choice
    This was the final place
    That I never wanted to face
    I wish it all gone
    I could have stopped this when I had the chance
    Now I’m stuck here
    Between the guilty and the insincere
    Remembering all that was near
    And knew the memories were never so dear
    Now I died
    And killed the noise inside of my head
    I never could stop feeding pain
    Cuase my heart is just not the same
    Now as I lie here
    Alone without anyone dear
    I tag along this riddle
    That I never knew
    And lie here
    Lie here and
    Play Dead
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: I Play Dead

    wow that was amazing. it was very touching. very sad

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