My mind beckons to another land

A future or past beyond the palm of my hand

Where are the winds of change taking me?

Will the river of dreams let me see?

I peer into the future wherewithal it is dark.

No end in sight for this mere mortal says the meadowlark.

I sigh "where are the Gods that will show me the way?"

For now I have been like a sheep astray.

Infatuation of the flesh has dirtied my soul.

All the evils of nature has taken its toll.

I cry to anyone that listens

This boat sails without oars newly Christened

To a light at the end of the tunnel

All my distractions made focused with a funnel

There I saw you standing there

A sight to see anywhere

In my minds eye I memorized your face

like the delicate details of lace

I woke up to find you beside me

Trembling with fear and glee

I kissed your forehead in bed

I like this reality instead