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Thread: I wanted to write you....

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    I wanted to write you....

    I wanted to write you a letter,
    telling you how I feel...
    But It wouldn't make things better.
    It would be my pointless spiel.

    You say Im always on your back...
    ...but I don't want to be your sweater.

    Just wanted to write you a letter.

    I could sit and type my thoughts out.
    And, I'm sure you would see them.
    But, they'd be nothing more to you
    than an annoying ass PM.

    I don't expect for you to ever admit what you've done wrong.
    Expectations only make it harder for me to move along.

    If only I could write you a note.

    I would tell you all the things that hurt the last time we spoke.
    But for me to think you gave a f*ck, would be quite a joke.
    Besides, I'd get to angry, writting notes on a whim.
    Wondering why it seems your hate for me... surpasses love for him.

    Its funny that you think our fights are all about my pride.
    How much pride do you think it took for me to apologize?

    Wish I could write out all this pain inside.

    And I bet this poem's too personal.
    Bet no ones gonna comment.
    But I'm so f*cking sick of fighting,
    I swear that I could vomit.

    Once again... Im sorry for anything I've done to you.
    Sorrier still, that I once believed I could run to you.

    Psshhh... Now I can't even write you a letter.

    *Hey! Not that anyone cares... but as a poem I'm pretty proud of this. Only because I wrote it all in the spur of the moment. Its not so often that Im satisfied with my work when Its just going from my brain to my fingertips. But, I'll hit "post" and hope you all enjoyed the read.
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