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Thread: I will NOT fall Low..

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    I will NOT fall Low..

    I Will NOT fall low

    Call forth and depend,
    See the wound we open.
    The fear you wake,
    Sees the tear you shake,
    Our lions will devour,
    our faith as it conquers.

    Your scarf of chains brings us down,
    This is our unsettled destruction renown.

    Scream until you shatter teeth,
    Soak the tongue in haunted blood,
    Hear your stomach churn and hurl,
    Watch us, beat us, make us yours.
    I’m no follower under freewill,
    This you beat back with blunt force.

    Force that creates fear in our hearts.
    Rips us apart and scatters the few.
    Hammer strokes with pin led views,
    So is the cue for us to turn out bellies.

    I will not lower my eyes,
    My mind is set on you,
    I will destroy you,
    I will detest and infect you.
    You’re so perfect,
    So says the way of man.
    And I fill my cup with sand.

    Blood oil and flames in time,
    Fear our righteous intent of crime,
    The bars will break and let loose hate,
    When the oppressed repress and create.
    Your children will not be safe,
    For you condemned them to death.

    Bite your tongue when you speak,
    For your words are poison unto man,
    Restrain your fists as you beat,
    for your hammer is a tool of hate.
    Trip upon the road you paved,
    For you path is misled.

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    Re: I will NOT fall Low..

    well I'll tell you what I loved about this poem... How it has a passionatte rebelious feel. And you sall "fall low" which sounds like follow. Thats pretty clever.

    However, to me the poem is a bit too complex. It got kind of confusing at points and I wasnt sure exactly what you were trying to express.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: I will NOT fall Low..

    Thats awesome. You really have a gift for poetry. Keep it up and you could end up making money from your talent.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: I will NOT fall Low..

    hhmmmm that was very interesting. I like it. The flow of the writing got to me though. bUT IT WAS GOOD.(^.^) iHOPE TO SEE MORE.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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