I wish I had an inspiration
I wish I had the beautiful night,
I wish I had words from within
Words to display what I feel
In what descriptions I write

I wish I had a candle
To warm me and light my way
When the nocturnes shroud
Becomes my inner canvas
I wish no possible delay

I wish upon a blinking star
That it's light would never fade
Because when the star is fully gone
What would I wish to every day?

I wish I had the answer,
To the unyielding questions
I have within
Because to know is to not fear
And knowledge is what solely defends
Because the unknown is never clear

I wish I could wish my wishes true,
I wish I could always have a clue
That way when I see a barricade
I can always find a way, ever so new

Deeply I'm in a void
Devoid of all inside, feeling toyed
Reaching long and forcefully out
I am at the point which most would shout
But lost as the colors blend
Dropped by the angels, such godsend

I am in hell, but never true
I am sick, but without some flu
I am so caught up in the flow
A vague paradise never stopped
As my life ensues,
As it should, it goes.

I wish my life was closer to my love,
I wish my troubles could be dealt with
In heaven above
But even if I was free from strife
I know I'd yearn for more,
Because I'm human I am flawed
But that's what makes it so true
The real sight that is our everyday life,
We can look up and onwards
Past the skies so blue.