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Thread: I Wish I Hadn't

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    I Wish I Hadn't

    Written by: Myriam Ruiz ( A good freind of mine wanted me to do it fo rher)

    I had to go through a lot of stupid stuff
    For me to finally realize
    That everyone was right.
    Everyone said I was too good for you.
    That you were an ass.
    And you know what?
    They were right.
    I deserve better than you.
    “Better Than Me” by Hinder
    Is what you should be serenading to me.
    I was so wrong about you.
    I thought you were perfect.
    And you weren’t even close to it.
    I look back now
    And I wonder what it was that I ever saw in you.
    I hate to admit
    But I loved a heartless conniving bastard.
    And that is one of my biggest regrets.
    I’m sorry to say it
    But I wish I had never spoken to you.
    Everything was so good between us
    But then things kept escalading between us
    And now nothing is the same.
    You told me I lost all respect you ever had for me.

    But let me just tell you this baby…
    I don’t think you ever had mine.
    And if you want to act like an ass
    Then be my guest.
    But let me warn you…
    One of these days you’ll realize how wrong
    And stupid you were.
    You had someone great that loved you.
    And you chose to ignore that.
    You chose to treat me like crap.
    And you chose all the wrong things.
    But by the time you realize this
    It’s going to be too late for you and me.
    And as a matter of fact
    It’s already too late
    For a you and a me
    ..:Open Your Wings Evil Angel:..

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    Re: I Wish I Hadn't

    And as a matter of fact
    It’s already too late
    For a you and a me

    ^^ thats my fav line cuz like i can relate to this poem cuz i have done allota stuff that i regrett, the flow is good, and the style is rele kool, and keep up the nice work

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