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Thread: I wish I knew part 1,2 & 3

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    I wish I knew part 1,2 & 3

    I wish I knew Part One

    I wish I knew if you look
    At the stars late at night
    And think of me
    Like I think of you

    I wish I knew
    If you are alright
    Or breaking on the inside
    Along with me

    I wish I knew
    If I was good enough
    And if you know
    Just how much I love you

    I wish I knew
    Everything about you
    Things that make you live on
    And made you who you are

    I wish I was with you
    Holding you close
    Helping you through these times
    I wish I knew…

    I wish I knew Part Two

    I wish I knew
    What it would feel like
    To hold you close
    And feel your heart
    Beat next to mine

    I wish I knew
    How your breath would feel
    Against my cheek
    While you held me late at night
    As we fall asleep

    I wish I knew
    Your every touch
    And how it would feel
    Waking up to you
    After a night full of love making

    I wish I knew
    How to be perfect for you
    And be everything
    You’ve ever wanted
    I just wish you knew…

    I wish I knew Part Three

    I wish you knew
    That late at night
    I lay awake
    Just thinking of you
    And wondering if
    Your thinking of me too

    I wish you knew
    How every breath I take
    Keeps me going
    Just knowing that
    I’m another breath closer
    To being with you

    I wish you knew
    Why my heart weeps
    And why my soul breaks
    Every time you doubt
    How I feel about you
    Along with my loyalty

    I wish you knew
    Just why I get distant
    When you seem too close
    And that I’ve never meant
    To hurt you, for it feels like
    A bullet to my heart every time I do

    I just wish you knew
    That no matter what we go through
    We will always have each other
    To love and hold when needed
    And that I’ll always be yours
    If you wish me to be… Do you?

    -Dedicated to the one I still love and think of, the one who I wait to come back home to me... Dedicated to the love of my life, Kyle-
    X.x.X The only thing I'll ever want... X.x.X

    X.x.X Is for you to love me the way I love you.. X.x.X

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    Re: I wish I knew part 1,2 & 3

    ^^ very, very beautiful poem im surprised no one has commented on it^^. im just speachless=] there's nothing wrong with it, no mistakes i could find and point out. your poem has a beautiful sense of style and i L.O.V.E. it^^ keep up the good work.
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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