In my peceful resolution i wonder why I'm feeling this sensation, which I vaguely intertwine with such a fuss

I've never feel this feeling before in my life
In a creasing wind, an endless loop of a time-like presence is coming near me
A joyous serenade of a lifetime contemplates well
And beside me is my friend who I adore much and loved the most

The sun is setting near~
I'd like d to invite her to watch the sunset near the seashore which I find a suitable spot for us to watch
Oh!I've got to ask her now!
Yes!she is coming with me to watch the sunset!
Yes, just the two fo us~
Ah!I can feel this sensation again, I do not intend to question this but...was it fate for us to meet?
Yeah tha was my question but...
OH!The sun is setting soon

We walked at the seashore then sitted in the same spot that 's suitable for us and were we can be alone
For a moment I glanced at her
She is delightfully happy and was staring at the sunset
As for me, I noticed her chaming smiles and her rosy white cheeks
And her face is full of happiness in life that I find so much beauty in her!

Now that I do not intend to lose this moment to say that I loved her~
And now after I said I loved her, she confessed to me that she likes and loves me to
And with that we hugged other while watching the IBLIS SUNSET~