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    The sun cannot shine on a day like today
    It will not.
    Though it is not an azure summers
    day and Winter's chill pales the light
    of my heart.

    That reason alone
    Is not why I am cold.

    For even in the heat of mid July
    even should she chose to do so
    that star cannot shine in my life.
    Far too fragile are the wings
    around my heart.

    This is the way I am
    adopting winter to numb
    that pain.

    But too cold and my heart will freeze.

    You saved me.
    Found my heart again and
    took it in your embrace
    and warmed it.
    Melted the wings around my heart
    and plunged me to this depth.

    Sweet and yet it threatens to end me.

    This is love and the delicate balance
    it poses not chocolate or roses
    but the thrill of knowing (and not)
    of living every moment; praying for another.
    of living every day with that star
    who melts the painful wings that protect
    and deny your heart.

    That person with whom
    you appreciate everything like...
    like it's your last.
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