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Thread: If Our Love Be A Song

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    If Our Love Be A Song

    If our love be a song.
    Our fate be a turn table.
    T-t-t-turn that frown upside down
    There’s no tears in the dancing room.
    Bodies get lost in the beat of our hearts.
    Imaginary thoughts And woes of the world,
    Fade in the sound of your breath against my neck.
    Lets wreck havoc on the none believers.
    Shun those who think this song
    Wont play thought the storms of
    ‘he said. She said.’ ‘he love me. He love me not’s.
    Those are just high school songs,
    But we grown. And we need grown music.

    If our love be a song.
    I must be the chorus because
    You say I’m always the same.
    The same old shit since 2008.
    If our love be a song.
    You have to the Verse.
    You never stay the same.
    You have more faces
    Then Wendy Williams has wigs.
    If our love be a song,
    GOD is the hook.
    Always stepping in and
    Changing us up abit.

    If our love be a song
    I hope it’s a sample of your parents
    Track because my mom and dad
    Never made it to the studio.
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    I'm a solider of Pen and Paper!
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    Re: If Our Love Be A Song

    :O AWESOME SAUCE!!! I like your style, once again sooo awesome!!!

    Death is as generation is, a composition of like elements, and a decompostion into the same.

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