That is the alternate name for this poem.. I plan on turning this into a song if I have enough time... [it would be better as a song I think]

For me
(I'll crawl into my eggshell and hope I don't get scrambled)

The clock has no sympathy for me
It still tolls in my wake,
Never bothering to fall back for me
Not trying to be fake,

For me

But when the air thins for me
It’s too close to a deathly fate
This scene is too still for me
If only disaster wouldn’t wait

For me

The crescent moon grows
And disappears again
Maybe it knows
That the tides are dying to kiss it’s feet
And grin

Now the sun has come for me
Taking a breath,
After diving in the sea for me
Only to trick my lying eyes

For me

This azure sky sings to me
As it’s birds swim in it’s hue ,
It soothes my wounds for me
Making our tiresome night new

For me

The gibbous moon glows
And disappears again
Maybe all of it’s woe
Has been confined and inhaled

So they trade their places
For me

But they couldn’t go back
For me

All they knew was taught
For me

As night’s servant comes
For me

The full moon knows
It’ll reappear again
Maybe it will have to sew
The stitches that were made for me
In my pale skin

Now night is too still for me

The inspiration of this poem comes from the fall out boy concert I went to. lol Or, more specifically, Chicago. Northerly isles Chicago is cool... Aquariums, Planetariums, museums, beaches, and venues.
People who live there are lucky.