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Thread: I'll simply miss you

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    I'll simply miss you

    Why is love so painful?
    Always ended up getting hurt
    What’s there in this world to love about?
    You know I cared

    So… I’ll tell you this
    I said I loved you
    I still do
    But I saw my own death coming and I had no other choice
    But to leave you

    I know you cried, you were hurt
    But I already knew I wasn’t going to live for long
    I had to give you up
    I’m sorry I caused you pain

    Unluckily I lived, saved by people who didn’t give a damn
    Most of them anyways
    I was about to die lonely
    But your prayers saved me

    So I had to lie to you, believe it or not
    It’s not like I had any other choice
    Your life, your daughter, your health
    I was worried sick about them!

    I know I’m not a man yet, I know I ran away
    I know I almost killed myself
    But now you’re happier without me

    You are happier with him and you have a better life
    I stand here in a corner watching you two
    Happily with each other
    I guess my life wasn’t worthless after all

    I had to leave because of you
    Understand it, or not.
    But maybe we’ll meet again someday
    When you have a happy family.

    I’ll miss those times
    My efforts didn’t go to waste, I’m glad
    You’re stronger and happier
    Be happy
    Be safe
    Live life without pain….

    I'm sorry. I'll simply miss you.

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    Re: I'll simply miss you

    the poem read like a story. That is an interesting way to express it. I'd sugegst adding a few vivd words to keep the readers attention.

    Also, dont forget to look at my Poetry/Fanfics clan!
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