I think I saw the seeing eye, on my laundry detergent.
Got too much time on my hands, if I can be this observant.
If we can buy it on sale. Then its just too perfect.
Maybe they can "treat" this addiction to the serpent.

They don't hide it anymore. Secrets are over the hill.
We've read up on the symbols and examined the bill.
When there is no need to hide, they just say how they feel.
Cuz they've conditioned us to follow like it's by our own will.

But really, most don't follow, most are just senseless.
Skull and bones, takin' shapes, and we watch defenseless.
Our ignorance isn't needed when the demons relentless.
I got plenty of knowledge. "Andy Christ" is on my friendslist.

We aint free like water. We're Illuminati body fluid.
"But its just a joke, right? You theorists are stupid!"
Does it not make you a sheep.. if they say, and you do it?
All the little pawns are the biggest part of the movement.