I wrote this poem a little while back when I was on shaky grounds with my boyfriend. However, its not the original. The original really didn't make too much sense and I published it anyways lol. You can find that here (so you don't think I'm stealing it from myself haha)


Sick of me, sick of you, sick of this illusion of us.
You keep pushing me back, I keep pushing you forward;
if we keep this up all it will do is cause an earthquake.

Can't you see? You're killin' me.
I guess my biggest flaw is that care so much
and that will be my down fall.
So, go ahead.. give me one good reason
for why I should keep trying.
Cause' need reason to keep me breathin'.

This thing we have, it's just an illusion
oh how I wish it was real,
but theres nothing I can do.
Its a mirage, and thats all it will ever be.

Sick of you
Sick of me
Sick of this illusion of us.