There at the end of the lonly street sood a man dressed in his stiffly starched uniform. He paused and took in the place he had called home some years before.
Nothing seed to have changed from the time he was here last. The trees were burrdened by the wight of the snow on thier branches like they were every year about this time. The warm glow of marry fire cast it self out of the small but inviting houses. Even the dogs from Old Man Johnson's house, barking through the rickity fince, gave a sense of peace the soilder he had not know in a long while.
He took his time walking down the lane taking it all in as the snow fell apon him gently. Memories of his childhood rushed in to his head and placed a smile on his face. How many time had he made this walk and not seen the beauty of it.
His feet seemed to carry him swiftly to a house brimming with life on the quiet street. He could see people enjoying eachothers company and children playing. the smell of a holiday feast filled the air and urged him on.
Up the walkway and to the door he move, being sure not to make a sound. Then he knocked, but the life of the house was to loud. So he knocked again and still no answer. His heart begain to race, he had to get in. Tears streamed down his cheeks, this is where he belonged, he just need to get in.
He knocked oncew more, this time with a little more desperation. His heart pounding as loud as his fist.
"Wait I'll get it!" said a loud voice,"Hello, who is it?"
Then there was silence, as a the door lay open.
"Hi dad, I'm home!" said the soilder.
No other words were said, none where needed as they held eachother on the doorstep.

Marry Christmas and happy New Year, to all my friends who could not go home and be with thier loved ones.