Then there was one of my friends
If I recall
And you broke her heart
All the while letting me fall

We got through it
Not that I remember how
For it’s apart of the past
From so long ago

Then I had to choose
Between you and another
As far as you knew
I had chose you

Then you found out otherwise
And I had hurt you
I stayed with him and with you
He knew… kinda about you

When I broke up with him
Had the pain from his lies
You were right there by my side
Like so many times before

Ever since then we’ve been together
And my personality has changed so much
I don’t even think you know the whole reason why
I was dating another guy

I’m sorry for the lies
For the tears you’re probably in
And the pain I know you have

For I have known for quite some time
That you’re the only one
I’ll ever want or need
I’ve never felt this way before

I’ve never cried as hard as I am now
For you are the love
The love of my life
My life, heart, and soul