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Thread: Important Message

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    Exclamation Important Message

    Enough with this violence you see on T.V.
    Enough of this "oh bitch you wanna be me"

    Is this what our ancestors worked so hard for?
    To give us a better life, full of hatred and iggnorance?
    Black girl thinking it's okay to b called a bitch
    Black men thinking it's okay to demean and degrade the very women they swore to protect

    Asians being subjected to sterotypes and thinking it's okay to degrade.
    Mexicans having all sorts of drama being held over their heads.

    Gang violence mostly associated with blacks and whites
    Always someone trying to put up a fight

    saying "you have to pay the price for slavery"
    or "we sit back and watch you pick our cotton"

    Asians being looked down upon because of one man.
    Mexicans trying to find beter life by coming into the promise land

    War rages on in Iraq when blood diamonds are being imported every day
    They commit suicides bombing to give us a sign but we dismiss it away.

    Poverty and world hunger lingers our streets.
    While we get mad and the happy meal we have to eat.

    Why can't we all just stop the hate and love one another?
    No more Nazi's , no more KKK, no more of the gangs that children wouldn't dare say.

    We are all the same and always wil be
    Race shows no boundaries for stupidity.


    Born to rule, raised to lead, taught to establish: The African Queen

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    Re: Important Message

    Very good poem I totally agree with you. I can't see why we can't all get along either. It would be so wonderful if we could.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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