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    This probably won't maken sense to ANY of you, mostly because it's for the very weird people with alternative thinking. Enjoy.


    Mothers milk and stranded bandages,
    heart aching affections effect languages,
    failure to speak, failure to listen,
    blind leading the deaf to learn..

    Treading and trotting, ink falls from the sky.
    hands of scribes cradle the sands of time.
    Sodden laid cattle in holes of land.
    where the shivering earth sheds sunshine.

    Night falling wings of cocaine lust,
    spread the dust of death across shadows,
    covering the cattle filled holes,
    with a leaden crust of bigot souls.

    hair dressing chickens curse the sky,
    dripping it’s ink upon the village of roosts.
    ruffling stained feathers and drowning morons,
    it blackens the night with it’s oily intent.

    Little chicks spread far and dead,
    hungry clucking of rock filled bellies,
    eaten by wolves in the night,
    they call out for the mothers milk.

    So drip drop the ink from the sky,
    drown the cattle stuffed in a hole,
    ruffle feathers of perfect chickens,
    and starve them all for no reason.

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    Re: Ink

    Okay, strange as it is I get this! Some of it is sad and some of it a tiny bit funny! Nice I liked it! Well I guess I'm very weird and have an alternative mind.....-_- oh great.....

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