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Thread: Inner Disaster

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    Inner Disaster

    Constricted by thoughts,
    Bouncing off the walls.
    The inside is forlorn;
    Louder and louder it squalls.

    Unbearable darkness and being lost,
    Looking for an escape.
    Thoughts twisted from the start;
    Mold the mind into shape.

    Morning is coming soon,
    Seeing the rising sun.
    The feeling is glorius;
    Bad thoughts are done.


    I'm on my grind in search to find whats on my mind, its one of a kind!

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    Re: Inner Disaster

    I loved that poem, i could definately relate. Its short but sweet and gets its meaning across you know? By from what i read, i can tell that despite this darkness you have in your life, theres a part of you that wants things to get better. I can see some desperation there as well. Thats what i see here. >.< just my opinion though. Anyway, no matter where life takes you, keep your head up.

    Death is as generation is, a composition of like elements, and a decompostion into the same.

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    Re: Inner Disaster

    "Before dawn is the darkest skies"... I like how you portrayed that message in this writing... It is such a true statement. In the time or darkness there will be light. Well I know from experience or at least that is what I believe to get me through my rough times. Loved the break through at th end and the unsettling twist at the begininning... Like the read can't wait to see more from you.

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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