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Thread: Inner Journey

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    Inner Journey

    Disclaimer: This poem, short story, whatever you want to call It I wrote back in '97. it is in its raw form, the writeing style is a bit unstructured and it is unfinished. It will most likely never be finished and polished, i think it speaks well raw. And yes....it is extremely over dramatic, I was young.

    Inner Journey

    So It happened I found myself walking though a field of flowers.
    I was lost it seemed, but It did not worry me.
    So on I walked, unafraid, but this feild summoned up stong emotions in me.
    Presently I happened accross a man, he was crying.
    I stood and thought for a second, before approching.

    "Why so sad?" I asked.
    "I fear I have lost her." he said
    "Lost who?" I started it the night I talked to you when I first entered my depressed state and you lost touch for a few days yourself
    "She was the love of my life, I looked away but for a second, but now she is no longer there."

    I sat down beside him, he seemed so dreadfully lost and alone

    "Where might she have gone?" I asked
    "I do not know!" he wails
    "You will find her i know, somehow it works out."

    He smiles a sad smile at me
    I closed my eyes in thought


    I turned toward him only to find he is gone
    I was sitting alone in a beautiful feild of flowers
    At a loss, I lay back and close my eyes again.


    What is that heavenly sound?
    I opened my eyes and sat up.
    But still that that pure crystaline voice
    I stand up, I must find the source.
    The flowers ended in a hedgemaze made of rose bushes
    Startling roses of an electric blue.

    its coming from the center

    I enter the maze
    Where am I?
    Must get to the center,the Heart, this I know


    Soon I come to a realization
    The center has no entrance
    It is a solid circular wall of roses
    No entrance.
    No choice.
    I make an entrance,
    I push my way though the rose hedges


    Laying bear my flesh
    The singing drives me on.
    Bloodied I enter
    Pure green grass
    In the center a vision


    She sat pristine
    As pure as the green green grass
    As pure as the startleing blue of the roses
    As pure as the song issueing from her mouth
    I collapse in an awed heap.
    A silly smile spreading across my face
    My pain forgotten


    Her song ends and she turns to me an smiles
    My heart overflows
    I have no words
    Words seem so frail and meaningless here

    "It has been so very long since any have come." she spoke to me
    "They fear the pain of entering the Heart."

    A thought struck me

    "Do you fear the pain of them leaveing the Heart?" I said
    "Yes, the Heart is so often a lonely place." she said
    "I shall remain with you."
    "I do believe you shall." she said to me

    And she smiles
    That radiant smile
    So bright
    The sun pales in jealousy



    I would not leave of my own will
    I never would
    She was stolen from me
    She was gone
    Only that laughter


    I found myself in a land of death
    Nothing growing
    Nothing alive
    Just me again
    but am I living?
    I had known her so briefly but I feel dead inside without her


    Stabbed in the breast
    I look down
    It was a thorn
    But not just a thorn
    A rose of magnificent blue was attacked to that thorn


    What was once stolen perhaps can be regained
    A ray of hope in the form of a Rose
    I bend down and plant the rose
    Soil going fertile at the touch
    Hope touches this barren land
    Hope will grow

    I walk on
    In the space of one step to the next I find myself on a beach
    I look behind
    The wasteland is gone
    Now there is only sand dunes
    Before me is a sea of viberant purple


    My journey to this point has been long
    I sit here on the beach and stare out at the waves.
    My eyes are growing heavy
    The sun is setting
    My journey will continue tomarrow.


    Where am I?
    What am I doing here?
    What is my purpose?
    I open my eyes to a new day
    The sun seems cheerful
    The sea is still Purple
    But something seems out of place
    I sit up


    I look up the beach
    There I see two childen chaseing each other in circles
    It is their laughter I hear
    It is their game of tag that brings them suck gaity.
    I smile, their innocence is an amazement
    They have spotted me
    Laughing they point at me and run towards me
    Upon reaching me the young girl touches my shoulder

    "Your It!" she giggles

    The two children back off as I stand
    Laughing myself at their giggling
    I chase them, joining them in their simple game of tag
    They are fast and nimble
    I do not mind being "It"
    I take joy in the simple fact of the game
    No worries

    I stumble in the sand
    Laughing I lift myself to my feet
    But the children are going
    All that is left is the fadeing tinkling of their giggles

    The sand is soft and warm
    Still there is still that feeling of "Wrong"
    A feeling that not is all right
    A feeling of something missing in this world


    There ahead of me i see a twinkling
    A shine that beckons me closer
    I find that it seems something always draws me onward
    I can't help myself, why fight the waves of life?
    I go to investigate the glinting

    I realize that there is nolonger sand beneath my feet
    What is it?
    Whatever it is it has a deep green tint to it

    Finally I arrive
    It is a giant tower made of the green crystal
    I walk around it yet I see no entrance
    What Is the purpose of a tower with no door
    I approch the tower and reach out my hand


    Rippling rings expanding outward from where my finger touched.
    Slowly claming like a passing distubance on a pond
    A tower of water?
    There is no door because the tower itself is the door.
    A door to what?
    Calmly I walk foward
    I let the tower envelop me

    I'm standing in a room
    Seemingly boundless
    You cannot measure the size because everything is in shades of white
    I walk to what i estimate is the center
    There shines a shaft of pure golden light

    "Where do you think you are?"

    I look around but noone is there
    But the question still stands.

    "What have you seen?"

    Good question
    I've seem many things
    But what were they really?

    "What have you learned?"

    Have I learned anything?
    Still I remain silent
    Do I even know the answers?

    "What is wrong child?"
    "I am afraid." I said
    "Tell me what it is you fear."
    "I fear that I have failed." I reply
    "In what?"
    "In everything."


    "Everything is a lot to have failed at."
    "I am alone." I said sadly

    I continue

    "I let love slip though my hands."
    "She is gone, and I don't know where to find her."

    Familiar words?

    "I can not find any meaning to my life anymore."
    "The moment was to brief."
    "The words spoken, not enough."
    "I fear that when I find her again, that I will be forbidden in her Heart."

    "I am a simple man."
    "I am not rich."
    "Nor am I a beggar."
    "But never have I felt so rich as when we stood together in Hearts Maze."
    "Never have I laid my eyes upon something more beautiful."

    "She was a ray of light in a bleak darkness."
    "Her voice could cause the birds to stop and listen."
    "Her eyes pulled me in until I was lost within their depths."
    "She had a smile that filled my heart with pure joy, I felt near exploding."
    "And her laughter tinkled in the air with the voice of a dozen tiny bells."

    I looked down at my hands:


    I looked within my heart:


    I looked within my soul:


    I looked within my mind:


    "What is wrong child?"

    I'm afraid
    I'm alone
    I'm lost
    I'm empty
    I'm hurting

    I sit on the floor of this white room
    I stare into the depths of that shaft of light
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    Re: Inner Journey

    I am speechless, that was pretty kool silver wolfe, but i think that is a bit longer.

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    Re: Inner Journey

    Quote Originally Posted by ketaro View Post
    I am speechless, that was pretty kool silver wolfe, but i think that is a bit longer.
    Yea, one of the longer things I've written, but a lot of the length comes from the writeing style, breaking it up into hopefully easier to absorb chunks
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