InuYasha was running up the side of the mountain as he smelled the faint trace of blood, Kagome's blood. He pulled out the Testsaiga as he got nearer. He jumped over a small hill and got into a circular dome. He looked around not sure what this place was. He saw a man infront of him. He was dressed in a white robe, he had long hair and held a large spear.

"What did you do with Kagome" yelled InuYasha. The man just chuckled as he pulled out a vile. It contained blood in it. "I did nothing to her, I just used her blood to lure you here" he said. InuYasha turned around and tried to run, he was a bit weak from fighting some of the demon's as he got up the monutain. He jumped up but then hit something hard. It was a barrier.

"Come now InuYasha do you really thing escape would be so easy. Anyone can enter the barrier yet no one can leave intill I die" said the man.

InuYasha held his blade up waiting for him to attack. "Damn it, you are going to die" said InuYasha holding his ground.

"What you dont even want to know my name" said the man.

"I could care less" said InuYasha getting mad.

"My name is Hanzo" he said.

InuYasha could care less what his name was. He just wanted to leave. Hanzo brought his spear up. Sparks of lightning started to shoot out from the spear.

"What I thought we were going to fight not watch a fireworks display" said InuYasha tauntingly.

Hanzo said nothing. He lifted his spear in the air and lightning shot upwards. InuYasha watched it not sure what was going on. Then the same bolt of lightning that Hanzo shot in the air came down and hit InuYasha. He screamed in pain as electiricty surged through his body. After the lightning disappeared InuYasha fell to the ground on his hands and knees. He was panting and smoke was rising from his body.

"Whats wrong InuYasha i thought you were stronger then this" said Hanzo as he walked forward.

InuYasha stood up using the Testsaiga to keep himself up. Hanzo smiled as he continued forward. InuYasha pointed his sword at Hanzo.

"Bastard" he said as lunged forward trying to stab him.

Hanzo steped to the side avoiding the attack. He then kicked InuYasha making him fly into the barrier. He fell back to the ground in pain. He stood up again.

"Backlash wave" he yelled as he brought the sword up and over his head and slashed horozontally.

A powerful wave of energy was sent towards Hanzo. Hanzo stood his ground and didn't move. As the wave hit him there was a giant explosion kicking dust into the air. The dust cleared and InuYasha's eyes widened. Hanzo wasn't even scratched. Hanzo quickly ran up to InuYasha and punched him in the stomach. He then steped back and kicked him in the side of the head.

InuYasha hit the ground hard and kept moving. He stoped a few yards away from Hanzo. He cursed under his breath as he stood up. His breathing started to get heavy. He thought he was going to die for real this time. He ran up to Hanzo not wanting to die and slashed at him. Hanzo brought his spear up and blocked the attack.He punched InuYasha in the stomach again. InuYasha ingnored the pain as he tried to slash Hanzo using his claws.

Hanzo steped back and chuckled.

"Come on InuYasha is that really all you have" he said.

"Shut up" he said and slashed again. This time he was lucky. He managed to slash Hanzo's face. Hanzo seemed mad. He brought his spear up and stabed InuYasha in the shoulder.

"You just made you're biggest mistake" he said as he started to bring the spear down slashing his arm. InuYasha scream in pain as he kicked Hanzo in the stomach making him fly back a bit. He stood up and looked at him again. Hanzo smiled and started to walk towards him slowly.

"SIT BOY" yelled a voice beyond the barrier. InuYasha's neckless started to glow and then it sent him crashing into the ground. As he hit the ground an arrow went above him head and hit Hanzo in the heart. Hanzo looked at the arrow in him. He had disbelief in his eyes. Then he fell to the ground dead.

Kagome, Miroku and Sango rushed to InuYasha's said.

"Did you really have to do that" said InuYasha a bit annoyed.

"Yes i did otherwise you'd be dead" said Kagome a bit worried about InuYasha's wound.

"InuYasha that wound, we need to treat it now" said Sango coming towards him.

"Its nothing" he said ignoring it.

"No it is something" said Kagome as she took out some bandages. She wraped his wound up.

"Thanks" said InuYasha.

Kagome smiled and stood up. InuYasha stood up and started to follow her.