The most beautifull feeling ever, is when you touch my cheek.
How is it you can make me laugh when you can barely speak?

I float away with each embrace. Theres so much trust we share.
I trust you'll always love me. And you trust Im always there.

We look into eachothers eye's. Both green, and both devine.
And I could stare at them all day. They remind me that your mine.

When people who should put you first, put others before you.
I'll make sure you'll never know. 'Cause I'll never ignore you.

Even broke and hungry, or in the dark.. I'll try to keep up your bliss.
Afterall, from what I've heard. "If you've never had it, what is there to miss?"

But better still, I'll go the length... to ensure you don't go without.
Im your mother, I'll always be here... You'll never have to doubt.