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Thread: Jill Fell Down

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    Jill Fell Down

    Inside and deeply burning
    A hurricane is bleakly churning
    Hanging loosely on a thread
    At knife point, the blade red

    So caught up in what is bad
    Blind to the world and happiness had
    Self-imposed exile, out the door
    Bending herself into a plastic-fake whore

    She stands herself up only to fall down
    Chasing a Jack with a fool’s gold crown
    Lying inside about her nonfeeling
    All her happiness the world is stealing

    She always tries to build it back up
    Dodging the camera, no closeup
    Restlessly walking not with a sound
    Something wrong, her heart in the ground

    Well, I've written quite a bit while I wasn't on.

    So I guess I'll post something here or there.

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    Re: Jill Fell Down

    I dunno why but I always like reading your poems... I guess it must be your style. Rhyming worked verywell and my only critique in that regard would be that you might possibly swap the rhyming scheme for the last stanza (or paired cuplet) just to let the audience know that it's over, unless you don't mean for it to be so I guess it works both ways... very good poem especially since it twists the allusion to Jack & Jill in an interesting way.

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    Re: Jill Fell Down

    I enjoyed this one a lot! I loved the rhyiming and the nursery rhyme feel. You've got a unique style of writing. I like that. Keep up the good work, I hope to read more!

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    Re: Jill Fell Down

    I didn't feel nursery rhymey but that's because I only ever read the sugary versions of any of them. HOWEVER I like the whole dark rhymey poem a lot. It's really good. I like the wording and feel of the general poem. I will look forward to reading more from ya'.

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