In the club at 7:30 pm,
Came the two with a mike in their hand,
Covered in sweat, one tonight will be the man.
Put their hoods on,
Crowd went wild as the beat went on,
Challenger says, “Now wait, hold on,”
Challenger first, angry was his face,
Hidden in his hood, but flow was his taste,
Ripped the guy so they couldn’t put him back together with paste,

“I’m a rapper! I see nothing against it/
Why look at me, ur wack, I’m the guy who gone tear it/
Peace dawg and say your goodbyes/
Cuz the casket is where you’ll be heading, wit ur lines/
I’m an animal, I feed on raw/
I’ll tear you to pieces until ur unrecognizable at all/”

I see it in his flow,
He could finish this in one blow,
One more line and the opponent becomes foe,

“Yo, I’m done killin’/
Don’t look back cuz Mr.thug left the buildin’…/”

I’m speechless, rated him a 10, others see him as a 6,
Next guy up, and looks ready to blitz,

“what you thinking, saying ur an animal, boy!/
I see more animal in a puppy boy!/
I pray to God that this mutha f***** dies hard/
Say u left the buildin’? well, ur I can penetrate ur guard/
Know your master, know who’s boss/
I’m the killer here, Trust me you lost/”

Amazing, and a perfect comeback,
I’m thinking that the champion will be back,
What is it that the challenger lacked?

“Listen monkey, You’re my slave/
Ur dead meat, I’m not gonna play/
…Ur over dawg”

Perfect ending a perfect 10!
I wish that the last can be redone, I would’ve given it to challenger instead,
Tonight’s judging is over, time to go home with stacks in bed,
Freestyle lives forever,
I will never give up this job, never,
The more freestyles I hear each one is a bit more clever.

this is dedicatedto those who try hard i the ghetto's by hustling and freestyling for money. Live long and prosper!