Tick tock.
The sound of silence.
I can hear the seconds pass.
In slow motion.
Another thought has formed.

"There's a small, dying part of me...
That still believes its tied a microscopic part of you.
And as small, and insignificant,
And hopeless as it all seems.
I can still feel it."

Yet I digress.
And the air around me...
...is in motion once more.
"As much as I'd love to dwell."
A notion has hatched.

"I know there's something good in store for me.
I feel it all around me.
I've felt pain, an ache of the soul.
And when I wanted to quit...
...something kissed away my tears"

I gasp.
"Are you just my thoughts?
Or something more?
And, what can be done to kill you?"
A theory is born.

"If I make the impossible... possible,
I'll look back and wonder.
How did I ever allow this to be my standard?
I will be
Everything 'you' couldn't be."

Oh, wait.
The room stopped spinning.
And from a place of such purity...
...it leaves its traces here,
In this jumbled thought resides...