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Thread: Just another love poem

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    Just another love poem

    Just another love poem

    How dare you say all I am is lies
    Don’t you see the lies you’re screaming

    I just wanna love you forever
    But you can’t see that can you

    Hold you in my arms till the sun burns out
    And all you can do is question my kisses

    Now you’re leaving, you say it won’t work
    It’s only because you say so, you know it

    You said you love me, what’s up with us
    This was suppose to be forever

    Please don’t go just stay with me
    I hate to say it but I need you

    C’mon love, I can change for you
    What do you say give me another chance

    I promise I’ll make you happy
    But only if you say you love me

    What's this... Chelsea wrote a love poem... dear god the sky must be falling..

    This poem is in dedication to my bestest friend Nikki.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Just another love poem

    i loed it i knew i was going to read soomething different when i read the title greast work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    poohs my boo

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