In this moment
and in this place
the only thing keeping me going
is that smile upon your face

As time passes
and the seasons change
the only thing i ask is
dont quickly turn the page

Let it last
as long as it can.
just let me sit here with you
and hold tightly to your hand.

Let us stay in this moment
the time displaced
with love in every notion
and filling every open space.

let me be yours
for forever and a day
because youve changed my life
in such a positive way

Let us linger in the moment
and forever lock arms
because we may never know
when we will be torn apart.

Your hand in mine
lips to lips
loss of time
as i caress your hips.

I love the way it feels
when my neck touches your lips
and i love the way ur hand slides over my skin
the side of the bed my hand grips

To you I give
my heart and soul
and every beat of love
my body does know.

Forever your's
in this time and this space
forever your's
until the end of days.