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Thread: just a dream

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    just a dream

    looking out as the snow flakes fall
    its just so very bright
    the sight it is just so pretty
    when i'm out it would catch my sight

    looking out as the sight catches my breath
    just so cold yet a warm feeling
    freezing on the outside but warm inside
    then you come to mind.. waz this i'm hearing?

    as the wind blows i hear your voice
    whispering into my ear
    as i stand here and listen
    you would say, "i wish you were here"

    then i wake up saying, "it was just a dream"
    couldn't fall back asleep didn't know what to do
    then hearing my phone ring
    happy seeing it was you

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    Re: just a dream

    good work...make it more romance...
    what i trying to say is the word you using must be suitable...
    over all...nice...keep it up...

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