"Just Him"

Rapped in bliss,
darkness revives.
Not to torture,
but to remeniss.
To say nothing,
and it comes once more.
To say something,
I wish never to again.
Yes I talk of them,
such folish men.
But for now,
I'll just love him.


I've been tormanted and violated,
I've been beaten and cursed,
so what will you do?
I've been left and forgotten,
I've been cheated and broken,
but what will you do?
I've been in love and happy,
I've been proud and strong,
but how will you make me feel?
Is it okay if I let you love me?
Is it okay if my guard falls for you?
If so what will happen?
Where will it go?
When will it end?
How will it happen?
What will you do?
What should I do?
Why did this happen?
Do you really love me too?
I've been sad and alone,
I've been used and trashed,
but can I trust you?