If I had realized it before,
That I was losing you;
If I had wake up from that dream,
I could realize this much earlier.

But it was too beautiful,
And my eyes just would not open;
But happiness in not forever,
And my dream became a nightmare.

I woke up already,
And I woke up crying;
Feeling this pain on my chest,
And trying to figure out, why?

Even though it may not seen like that,
“Why?” is a really hard question to understand;
But, “why?” is the only question I can ask.
So please, answer me, answer me, why?

Why this dream became waist and empty?
Why so suddenly you change?
Why it had to end up like that?
Just tell me, why?

I want to go to sleep again,
And dream with you forever;
I don’t want to wake up from this dream,
‘Cause I don’t want o experience pain once again.

That’s why I need you to tell me, Why?

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