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Thread: Karma

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    I though I loved
    You said You need her
    I said i'll be your everlasting lover
    But yet you still love her

    I said I was your soul
    You said thats old

    She broke you down
    I stayed around

    She stole your heart and crushed it
    I stayed to find the pieces

    You said I love you
    I said forget you

    Shippo101:Yea! Some of the dudes might not like this, and this is'nt directed to just the guys...........girls this is to you to. this happens to everyone but the stupid lover are to blind to see.
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    Re: Karma

    you do make a very good point on that but practicaly its the boys that are blind and i think i am too, nice poem though

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    Re: Karma

    Over all I like the poem. I think it's more directed to guys but some girls are that way too. You don't realize what you have until you lose it or it's too late. The fist verse was a little off though, it just didn't flow like the rest.

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