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Thread: Kinda, kind of.

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    Lightbulb Kinda, kind of.

    ***note: Have you ever noticed that you've overused a word, or a term? Lately I've noticed I use the words "kind of" or "kinda" alot. So I looked through my most recent posts, and sure enough In every one of my last handful of posts, I've said it. So I copied and pasted each line where I used it, in all my recent posts here on AO. And this is what I came up with.

    "kind of"
    I dont know what this is about...
    and thats kinda the most apealing part about it.
    Just kind of trickles to its end....
    I'm actually kind of glad you wrote this
    kinda like a fly on the wall.

    Kinda like being caught with your pants down.
    Its kinda like wanting to know
    if there is a hidden camera in the public bathroom.
    Infact... this whole big stink kinda took from the purpose.
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