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Thread: The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

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    The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

    Chapter 1

    It's a VERY stormy night with rain pouring like the Niagara Falls...Neo South
    Town....burning with life and bursting with activity. The city forever cursed
    with crime...
    Not too far from it...a tall man...slightly over 6ft tall, stands on a
    plain...the rain covering him from head to toe. This man is the well known
    Terry Bogard...The Lonely Wolf....he looks worried and cries out to another
    younger man standing in front of him. The other man who ignores the Terry's
    call...and continues to stare at him with a vicious smirk on his face. Terry
    once again calls out the man's name: "ROCK!" he says...but Rock does not
    respond and continues to stare at him. Terry begins to run towards Rock...but
    no matter how fast he runs...he cannot catch up to him. Another man steps from
    behind Rock Howard...this man being older and with an eerie dark aura about
    him...is revealed to be Kain! Terry stops and fierce fully looks into Kain's
    eyes..."Get away from Rock!" he says! Kain smirks with the same vicious smile
    on Rock's face....suddenly both Kain and Rock start to project a dark evil
    force from within. An immense power that pushes Terry back and nearly out of
    balance..."What's this", "I've felt this power before..." Terry says. He looks
    back at them...and notices their red eyes are not what they normally
    are....this time they're eyes are filled with lust for blood. Terry feels his
    body tremble...as he tries to get a hold of himself..."ROOOOOCK!!!" he yells at
    the top of his lungs. And a blinding light surrounds him...

    Terry opens his eyes...he is now in Japan!!! In Tokyo to be exact. Terry looks
    around him...he is confused..."how did I get here?" he thinks to himself. A
    familiar man's voice calls out to him: "Hey, are you ready?"...Terry turns
    around...and sees none other than Ryu Hoshi standing behind him ready to
    battle. Ryu strikes with a few warm up punches, Terry barely manages to evade
    them on instinct. "What's wrong" says Ryu...Terry remains speechless...and
    Ryu's words echo again and again in his head..."what's wrong?"..."what's
    wrong"..."what's wrong"....Terry suddenly snaps out of it and finds himself
    right in the middle of a Kyo vs. Iori confrontation!!!
    He then realizes that the place is a giant stadium filled with people who are
    extremely excited about the current battle between Kyo and Iori. Terry
    remembers this event...."huh? King of Fighters 2007!"
    Iori and Kyo go at it...and nobody seems to notice Terry.

    Terry steps off the ring and looks around...he feels a power...someone is
    secretly watching the Kyo vs. Iori fight. Someone of great dark powers. Terry
    follows the source...and discovers that Akuma is within the crowd of
    spectators!!! Terry looks directly at him from afar...but to his surprise Akume
    LOOKS BACK AT HIM! "See you in a few years..." he says to Terry...whom is once
    more pulled away from the scene.

    Terry awakens...next to the remains of the fallen NESTS base. He remembers this
    place...where the final battle against the NESTS Cartel took place. He looks
    around him and sees the piles of rubble and broken machinery. He hears some
    voices not to distant from him. He follows them and finds none other than K'
    and Maxima talking to Kula. Terry calls out to them...but to no avail. As he
    looks at them from afar he sees how K' approaches Kula and hugs her...she is
    quite surprised but she also wraps her thin arms around his body.
    Terry...realizes what's going on...but then unexpectedly a massive power comes
    straight for them! Terry can do nothing to help, and thus he watches helplessly
    as Maxima gives his life to protect K' and Kula. Maxima is burned to ashes...K'
    is in pure shock....Kula is left speechless..."who could have done this?!" says
    Terry. He looks in all directions...and then sees another massive power come
    straight towards K'....K' unleashes his anger and counters it with an extremely
    powerful Crow Bite! K' manages to cancel the fatal blow...but he's left with
    some minor injuries. K' pays them no attention and driven by rage he performs
    the Iron Trigger, then the Second Shoot and he blows away a huge torn down
    wall. "heh...so you found me" says K9999 who was behind it all. K' drives up
    his powers over his limits...K9999 follows suit..."Tell the girl to leave us"
    he says. K' looks at Kula...she understands and takes Maxima's remains with
    her...the battle between K' and K9999 is about to begin.

    Terry who is still watching all of this happen, wants to jump in and aid K' in
    his battle, but before he can get close enough...he falls...down a black hole
    below him....

    Terry opens his eyes...everything is PITCH BLACK! He can't see a thing....Terry
    begins to hear voices...it's almost as if everyone he knows is calling out to
    him...screaming: "HELP US!"....Terry doesn't understand all of this..."what's
    going on?!" he yells! Terry hears a pretty sinister voice laughing right behind
    him: "Bwa ha ha ha ha"....Terry turns and tries to strike the person down...but
    there's nothing there! "Who are you?!" he yells...the voice keeps
    laughing...and laughing..."What have you done to my friends!!!?" Terry yells at
    the top of his lungs. This causes the person to stop laughing...everything
    becomes silent...furthermore...the whole place lights up! Terry narrows his
    eyes from the sudden light...as he opens his eyes...he is thrown aback from
    what he sees! Corpses! All around him...corpses of ALL the fighters to ever be
    in King of Fighters...and even his Street Fighter friends are there lying
    dead...all around him...for miles...he can only see corpses. Terry falls down
    to his knees crying..."what's going on?"....he lifts up his head...and realizes
    that now it's NIGHT! And he's in a CEMENTARY!!!...As if everybody was
    buried!...Terry pushes himself back in terror...and his a tombstone. He
    immediately stands up...and looks at it...it reads:
    Here lies the Lonely Wolf...
    Terry Bogard

    Terry cannot believe it! He looks up and yells out in agony!!! As he is facing
    upward towards the sky...he looks at a strangely dark moon...it has words
    written on it...in blood! These words are: "The Awakening 2010"......

    After seeing this Terry wakes up from his nightmare! Breathing heavily and
    covered in sweat. Terry gasps for air...and finally manages to catch his
    breath...it's early in the morning...he looks at his hand...he is holding
    something...it's an invitation to the KOF 2010 Tournament...signed "R"...
    Chapter 2
    Terry is in the shower thinking about his dream..."what could it have been?" he
    wonders. "This invitation to KOF...who could be behind it this time?", "Rock is
    still missing...how could I have let all this happen?"....still in deep
    thought...Terry comes to a decision. "I'm going to find out what this is all
    about, and put an end to it! Hmmm....I should start off by looking for my team
    mates". Terry finishes showering and walks out of the tub...he looks in the
    mirror, brushes his hair aside and with a smile of excitement says: "OK!"

    It's 8am now, South Town is it's usual self. Terry packs his stuff and exits
    his room and walks down the hall of the hotel...it's in rreeally bad
    shape...there's rats running around like they own the place, bums at every
    corner of the hall...drunks left and right, a lot of noise everywhere...and
    most importantly that unique ghetto hotel smell that makes normal people want
    to vomit. Yes, this is everyday life for Terry. He walks down the
    steps...carefully avoiding the holes and beer spills...he finally gets to the
    lobby and the owner of the hotel looks at him and says: "Off so soon?"....Terry
    throws the room keys at him, smirks and waves goodbye as he exits through the
    front door.

    Outside in the streets of South Town...it's a lot like the South Bronx. Dirty
    Streets, garbage flying around....graffiti all over the place, rows and rows or
    torn down buildings...and yet the people don't seem to mind it at all. Terry
    walks down the streets...thinking about what is to come...when he hears a
    familiar voice call out to him: "Yo! Terry!"....Terry turns to the side...and
    sees that the person calling him is Lucky! "Hey!" Terry answers back. "Come
    play some B-Ball with us man! Seth and I need a 3rd member to play"...says
    Lucky. "Seth?" Terry mutters in a low voice..."So are you gonna play or not
    man?" says Lucky. "Ugh...sure, but where's Seth?" says Terry. "He's at the
    corner store buying a bag of potato chips and a 2 litter Coke" replies Lucky.
    Terry enters the basketball court, puts down his bag and takes off his
    jacket...and starts doing some warm up exercises. The other players start to
    mock Terry for being a white guy trying to play basketball. Terry hears them,
    but ignores the comments. "Don't worry man, they'll learn their lesson"
    whispers Lucky. Seth soon arrives and they get ready to play some 3-3 street
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    Re: The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

    They flip a coin to see who get's the ball first, and of course Lucky wins! The
    game begins...Seth inbounds the ball to Terry...Terry takes the ball and starts
    to dribble it down the court. He points to one of the other players who was
    making fun of him earlier and says "Hey C'mon, C'mon!" The other player a
    little surprised but confident that Terry can't get past him, comes forth. He
    assumes his defensive position...Terry dribbles the ball in between his legs,
    the other guy reaches to steal it, but the speed at which Terry is dribbling is
    too fast for him, so Terry dribbles the ball behind his back, and fakes to the
    right....the guy falls for it, and Terry quickly dribbles to the left leaving
    the other looking like an amateur. Terry drives the ball right down the center
    of the court jumps and passes the ball in-between his legs in mid-air and dunks
    it like a PRO. Everybody except for Lucky and Seth are left speechless. And so
    the game continues the other team gets the ball...Lucky is playing defense...he
    gets an easy steal, passes it to Seth, who fakes the jump shot and passes it to
    Terry from the 3 point line. Terry shoots.....HE SCORES!!! The game continues
    on...Lucky get's an alley from Seth, and does a 720 dunk that wins the game,
    leaving the opposite team with 0 points!!! "Hey Terry you still got it!" says
    Lucky. "You've gotten better than before..." says Terry. "Puff...man I'm
    tired..." says Seth. "How about another game?" says Lucky. "Alright!!!" yells
    Terry. "I'm getting too old for this..." mutters Seth.

    After 5 hours of playing B-ball they finally decide to stop for the day...after
    winning 13 perfect games. "So where are you off to this time Terry?" says
    Lucky. "I got an invitation to the new KOF tournament" said Terry. "Really?! I
    got one too!" said Lucky, "Yeah I also received and invitation to KOF" said
    Seth. "Hmmm....so are you guys going to forms teams and fight?" said Terry.
    Both Lucky and Seth confirmed that they were joining the new KOF tournament.
    "It's been a LONG time...since I've seen Heavy D and Brian, so this time I'm
    getting some new partners" said Lucky. "I'm also going to join up with some
    friends of mine from way back..." said Seth. "I see...well good luck to both of
    you" said Terry, while standing up with his stuff ready to depart. "So where
    are you going now?" said Lucky. "I'm going to go find Blue Mary, and ask her to
    join my team" said Terry. Both Lucky and Seth wished Terry the best of
    luck...and so Terry went on his way...
    "So I'll see you at the KOF tournament" said Lucky to Seth. "Gueess I'll be
    seeing you there...". And so Both Lucky and Seth went their separate ways.
    Later that night Lucky walked the streets of South Town...with a bag containing
    his stuff...he goes to a night club to visit a friend of his. "Hay Man!, How'd
    ya been" said Dee Jay(stree fighter)..."What's happening man!...listen I came
    here cuz I need you" said Lucky. "Hey! Anything for you, no problem!" said Dee

    Elsewhere...Seth waits patiently sitting outside another club. Then suddenly
    there's a huge racket inside...and suddenly bodies start flying through the
    window and onto the streets. Seth lights up a smoke...and waits patiently. A man
    tries to run out the club...and a very deep voice yells "Where do you think
    you're going?"...and a chain grabs the running man by the neck and pulls him
    back inside the club, where he gets a pounding, and is then thrown back outside
    like the others. After a few more minutes of fighting noises...and broken
    glass, tables, chairs and stuff...Seth gets up and enters. The entire place
    looks like an earthquake hit it! There's a very big dark skin man wearing a
    long steel chain around his arms, standing amidst the wreck. Seth approaches
    the guy...while stepping over bodies lying on the ground...Seth taps the big
    guy on the shoulder. The big man turns around and tries to grab Seth's head to
    smash his skull in, however Seth counters with a powerful punch that makes the
    floor tremble, and knocks the big guy back. "Ohhh...who turned off the
    lights?..." said the big guy..."Birdie get up. I came to make a deal with you"
    said Seth.

    Meanwhile Terry did not find B.Mary neither at her house, nor at the police
    station. He got word that she might be at the air force...and thus Terry makes
    his way there....
    Chapter 3
    There's a giant crowd of soldiers gathered around in a circular formation
    cheering for Guile as he is in a brawl versus Terry! The fight just
    started...but it looks like Terry holds the upper hand. Guile dashes in and
    throws a punch, Terry defends and counters with a "Power Charge" and knocks
    Guile back against the crowd. They push him back into the fight...and this time
    Terry initializes the attack with a "Burn Knuckle"! Guile instantly reacts and
    performs a "Flash Kick" onto Terry's chin, Terry is sent into the air...Guile
    follows his attack and jumps to the air, he grabs Terry and performs the
    "Backbreaker" as he lands. Guile tosses Terry aside...and poses in
    confidence...but then he falls on his ass...and realizes that Terry's Burn
    Knuckle had hit his right ankle. Terry gets up, smirking, points his finger at
    Guile and says: "Stand up!". Guile get's pissed and is back on his feet in no

    The fight goes on between the two. Terry performs a "Power Wave" and jumps up
    into the air after performing it, Guile throws a "Sonic Boom" to cancel the
    Power Wave but Terry is already coming at him with a Power Dunk! Guile "Just
    Defends" the impact pushes his body onto the ground creating a crack on the
    floor below him...Guile takes the opportunity to perform a Flash Kick in
    response to Terry's Power Dunk! However Terry manages to "Just Defend" against
    it, and hits guile with a quick yet powerful "Crack Shoot" that knocks Guile
    off his move and sets him up for a juggle. Guile "Air Recovers" expecting
    Terry's attack...which happens to be a very slow Power Wave that hits just
    before Guile lands. Guile uses "Air Block" to defend against it, but just when
    he thinks he's safe, Terry is already in his face with a powerful Burn Knuckle!
    This time Guile isn't as lucky and he is sent flying through the air and
    crashes onto an Air Plane destroying it.

    Terry throws his jacket into the air, he catches it, puts it behind his back
    and says: "OK! Better luck next time"...Terry walks away. "Sonic Boom"!!! Terry
    turns around and is hit by a powerful attack coming from none other than
    Charlie! Terry is knocked back and lands face first..."Hmph...Too Easy" Said
    Charlie, turning his back away from Terry and waving goodbye. Charlie walks
    toward the plane to help Guile out..."Hey! C'mon C'mon!" yelled Terry as he
    stood on one knee...with some minor bruises. Charlie turned around, adjusted
    his glasses and got into his fighting stance.

    Charlie dashes towards Terry, and performs a jump kick. Terry's eyes narrow
    with extreme focus and he can almost see Charlie's movements in slow
    motion..."POWER GEYSER!!" yelled Terry! Charlie get's hit directly and lands
    hard, badly injured. Terry is exhausted after using his Power Geyser DM...after
    seeing both Guile and Charlie go down, all the soldiers gang up on Terry and
    start beating him up. seconds later bodies start to fly here and there, as
    Terry fights against 100+ soldiers at once...10 minutes later...Terry has
    managed to defeated them all...but his injuries aren't few...and he can barely
    stand on his feet. "Man...I must be getting to old for this" mutters
    Terry..."I'm not finished with you yet Terry Bogard!" yells Guile coming out of
    the plane wreck. "Oh great...not him again.." thinks Terry. "I'm not through
    either..." Charlie barely manages to get the words out, but stands up to his
    feet. Terry stands and tries to stand his ground as he will soon have to face
    off against both Guile and Charlie at the same time.

    The "Dramatic Battle" begins Terry vs. Guile/Charlie!!! Charlie being a bit
    closer to Terry than Guile, dashes in to attack, he jumps up blocking...Terry's
    instincts tell him to counter with a "Rising Tackle" and so he falls into
    Charlie's trap. Now that Terry is defenseless...Guile hits him directly to the
    ribs with a Sonic Boom! Terry is hit badly and Charlie takes the opportunity to
    grab Terry in mid-air and perform the "Flying Buster Drop" a move identical to
    Guile's "Backbreaker". Terry sustains even more damage..."Get up punk!" said
    Charlie as he grabbed Terry by the head and tossed him in between Guile and
    himself. Terry can hardly stand up now...and when he does, he finds himself
    surrounded by Charlie and Guile. Before he can react Charlie performs his
    "Sonic Break" attack and unleashes a barrage of Sonic Booms, one after the
    other...Terry "Just Defends" but he is being pushed back by the attack, with
    his back wide open, Guile performs his "Sonic Hurricane" attack. Terry is
    engulfed by Guile's giant Sonic Boom, and at the same time he is getting hit by
    Charlie's Sonic Break attack. Needless to say Terry is a world of pain. Terry's
    body is tossed into the air...and before he hits the floor...both Charlie and
    Guile perform their "Somersault Justice" and "Somersault Strike" respectively.
    hitting Terry with this very powerful attack from both sides. Terry falls and
    it doesn't look like he'll be getting up.
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    Re: The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

    Guile and Charlie do their win pose! Out of the blue a loud scream was heard:
    "GALACTICA PHANTOM!!!". Ralf's DM caught Guile and send him crashing against
    the floor. Charlie was shocked and assumed his battle stance. Ralf whistled,
    and behind him there was none other than the rest of the Ikari Team! Clark,
    Leona and Whip!!! Seeing as he was badly out numbered Charlie retreated to
    where guy had just been tossed. "Colonel Guile...we have company...stand up!"
    said Charlie in desperation. Ralf smiled...and went to help Terry stand up.
    "Terry! Terry! Wake up, we came here to help!" said Ralf. Terry managed to get
    up after the beat down..."What's happened?" he asked. "Where's Guile and
    Charlie?" he said. "Those 2? They're over there!" said Ralf as he pointed
    towards them. Terry looked at them...Guile was standing up looking very pissed
    off. "Heh...looks like he got hit hard" said Terry with a smirk on his face.
    Terry and Guile got up and ready to fight...Ralf was ready to take on Charlie.
    "5 against 2...those odds are too unfair for a fight" said Alex as he walked in
    behind the Ikari Team. "Alex?..." said Terry. "Well Terry...seems like I'm
    going to be fighting against you this time..." said Alex. "Terry smirked..."Hey
    you with the glasses! Come on, I'll teach you a lesson!" said Alex as he
    pointed towards Clark. Of course Clark wasn't going to turn down a challenge.
    On the field stood Terry, Ralf and Clark on one side, and Guile, Charlie and
    Alex on the other...

    "Let's do it!" yelled Terry! And so the battles began! Terry's Power Wave was
    countered by Guile's Sonic Boom. Ralf and Charlie dashed at each Ralf attacked
    with his "Bari Bari Vulcan Punch" while Charlie attacked with his "Crossfire
    Blitz", Alex and Clark grabbed each other...Whip and Leona watched from the
    sidelines. As the fight went on...Terry who was badly injured fought against a
    very injured Guile and they both seemed to be about equal...Ralf and Charlie
    were dead even...but Clark was being tossed around like a rag-doll by Alex.
    Alex's superior strength, quickness and skill were too much for Clark to
    handle...so Leona jumped into help her husband! "Moon Slasher!" yelled Leona!
    attacking from above...Alex had no choice but to back away from Clark. "Heh...2
    on 1...not bad"...said Alex with a smirk on his face. Leona attack with her
    "Ground Saber" technique, her speed being superior to Alex. Alex stood his
    ground and waited for the attack....Leona slashed, Alex "Just Defended" and
    grabbed Leona by the head ready to slam her..but before he could do anything,
    he realized that Clark already had him by the waist. Surprised by their team
    strategy Alex lost his grip on Leona and she kicked his face, doing a back flip
    into an "X Caliber" attack that hit Alex's upper body. Clark lifted him up and
    slammed him against the floor.

    Ralf and Charlie were going at it...blow for blow. "Spiral Arrow!" yelled Cammy
    as she attacked Ralf! But before she could touch him...she found herself
    choking by the grip of Whip's whip Voodoo! "tsk tsk" said Whip as she reeled
    Cammy in. Ralf gave Whip a quick "thumbs up" and Whip just smiled back at him,
    then she got ready to fight against Cammy.

    After hours of fighting "BOOM!" a gunshot was heard. It came from Whip! All the
    fighting stopped..."Hey Terry what the hell is she doing?" said Alex, "Whip put
    the gun away" said Terry. Whip pointed the gun at him to everyone's surprise.
    "Are you alright? What got into you?" said Ralf as he approached Whip. "We are
    wasting our time! You people seemed to have forgotten our mission!" said Whip.
    "Oh shit! You're right!!!" Ralf yelled as he remembered his objective. "Sorry
    but we'll have to continue this some other time guys! As much as I'd like to
    stay and fight, I didn't come here for that" said Ralf. "If you want to fight
    then do it at the KoF Tournament" said Whip. "KoF tournament!, did you also
    receive invitations?" said Alex. "huh? You got one?" said Terry. "Yeah, look I
    came looking for you to join me...how about it?" said Alex as he showed his KoF
    2010 invitation. Terry took his invitation out and showed it to Alex "Sorry but
    I already got an invitation, I came here looking for Blue Mary...but Guile
    wanted to pick a fight with me". "Blue Mary is in Mexico" said Clark. "Mexico?
    Why did she go there?" said Terry. "We keep track of almost every well known
    fighter in the world, B.Mary took off to Mexico, that's all we know." said
    Clark. "Is that all you know or all that you are willing to tell me?" said
    Terry. "Hey calm down there Terry" said Ralf trying to avoid trouble. "Terry
    what's going on? Why would she leave like that?" said Terry. "From what I heard
    she's after some guy named Kain" said Charlie. "Kain!!!?" Terry was surprised to
    hear his name. "I'm going to Mexico then"...said Terry as he grabbed his jacket
    and his stuff..."Wait! I'll go with you!" said Alex. "That was classified info,
    you just gave him" said Leona to Charlie. "Classified?...I just told him the
    rumor I heard...word travels rather quickly around these parts". "Can we give
    them the damn invitation and leave?, we got more important business to take
    care of" said Whip. "Invitation?" thought Guile. Ralf approached him and took
    out an invitation to KoF 2010. "Here, you've been ordered to participate in the
    tournament" said Ralf as he gave the invitation to Guile. "What this for?" said
    Guile. "Here are your orders" Ralf gave Guile and envelope. "Mission
    Accomplished. Now let's get out of here" said Whip. "Ok, we can go now" said
    Ralf. "Brother...I'm going to find you soon" thought Whip to herself.

    And so after a huge fight, everyone took their own path. Terry and Alex headed
    for Mexico. Guile read his orders...and the Ikari Team left the scene. On the
    other hand Lucky and Dee Jay headed for Brazil to meet up with some of Dee Jay's
    "friends". Seth and Birdie carried onto meet their 2 team members at an
    abandoned warehouse.

    At the warehouse Seth and Birdie waited for about an hour. "Sit down" said
    Seth..to the impatient Birdie. "When are they going to show up! I'm tired to
    waiting!!! I want to crush something.." said Birdie. "You want to crush
    something? Ha! You couldn't even crush a soda can" said a voice. "Who's there?"
    yelled Birdie. Seth stood up..and walked forward...he turned around and look
    towards the staircase above them. "You're late" said Seth. "Better late than
    never" said another voice. And it belonged to Brian(Tekken). The other guy came
    showed himself and it was none other than Balrog(street fighter). "Are those
    the guys you were talking about Seth?" said Birdie. "Allow me to introduce you
    to Brian and ex-cop and ex-Kickboxing Champion. And that other one is Balrog an
    ex-Interpol Agent and ex-Heavy Weight Boxing Champion"
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    Re: The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

    its good, but i hate to see how long it took you to write it

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    Re: The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

    very cool is all of the befor the street fighter contest
    i mean you used charlie and guile charlie is now blanka
    and i liked how you teleported the guy in the first story
    to another place and made it sound ominess . these are really good storys
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    Re: The King of Fighters 2010 - The Awakening ch 1

    this is from 2002 or maybe even before then.
    When i was a huge King of Fighters fan. And fighting game fan ( i still am but not like before)

    It took hours to write, and there's more to it which I'll post later if you guys like the first 3 episodes.

    thnx for reading
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