It is a sobering night, nothing can be heard.
Here comes the south's sighing wind with a heavy word.
News of the king who bears Vidon's crown on his head.
After many years at helm of state he is dead.
Hundreds fought with him in wars of disputed years.
Their scars, the stuff of tales in bars told over beers.
Dying in bed with two maidens is a good fate.
Soldier and peasant raise ale to the late and great.

******for all of the rings fans on this forum something might sound familiar, have you guessed it. Well in the second line I personify the wind. a clever idea but not mine. JRR Tolkien beat me to it. In his poem three winds are given personification each with a unique sound. And while a "south's sighing wind" is not written in Lament for Boromir (Lament of the Winds) the wind does indeed make a sighing sound.***********