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Thread: Kismet's Poem Corner

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    Kismet's Poem Corner

    The Fox and The Sinking Sand-

    Swift as a fox
    It's but a blur in a raving wind
    Scurrying from the desert enemy
    The sinking sand; as it starts to grow
    Chasing him, like it could see him
    Wanting to devour him
    To taste his rustic fur
    And he wimpers
    This time he can not escape..

    All it took was one slip for his life to be taken away
    However, there was no fear
    As the mud like substance covered his mouth
    His nose; only then to blind his eyes
    And deafen his ears

    What is better experienced; thus cried the fox
    Life in it's infinite state?
    Or life in it's last few seconds?
    Those seconds seemed to drag on..
    For an hour
    No maybe days..
    Those seconds I cherished

    Those seconds I should of cherished everyday


    Gracefully dance on frozen blood
    I rip it from you.
    My burning desire.
    Torture. Torture.
    Stomp on the stammering heart
    Feel the last breath.
    Vipers in her hair.
    Turn the dreams into stone
    The hopes into ash.
    Red wine dripping onto wooden floor..
    Limp hand resting on porcelain.
    Spread the arms wide
    Pierce through the skin.
    Tis it; the crucifix.
    Wash away and start a new.
    Shall thee get corrupted again?
    Fear her still thine heart trembles as does it ache.
    She sings thine song of vipers and dances..

    Tis it; the crucifix..Tis it; thine is no more..

    Beh just crapola. But I wanted to share anyways. Hopefully I will be free from this writer's block soon.

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    Re: Kismet's Poem Corner

    No better cure for writers block than the act of writting... Even if you think it's "crapola".
    Im so glad that you were willing to share... for me there is no other pupose for art if it isn't expressing, and sharing that. Thank you.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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